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All our suppliers are selected according to our values. We want to work with organizations offering the best product quality while respecting the planet and creating working conditions favorable to the development of each human being.

World Centric

By fighting against ecological and humanitarian inequalities, World Centric began producing documentaries and conferences in 2004, which were awarded with awards. Since 2005, World Centric has started producing reusable packaging in order to be financially self-sufficient and not need donations or subsidies. World Centric is an organization that aims to support people and the planet towards a world where the first needs of each will be met while having a positive impact on the environment.

Boucherie Laflèche

Quality and proximity are the key words of Boucherie Laflèche located in the heart of Saint-Léonard on the Island of Montreal. This butcher crafts offers us meat from Quebec farms and perfect cuts for our menu. The freshness and excellence of the Laflèche Boucherie’s meats allow our chefs to concoct healthy, good and diversified dishes every day. With the Boucherie Laflèche, we share the same values and the same ambition: to passionately produce high quality products in a local and responsible way.

En Gros Pierre

With more than 25 years of experience, it is the Canadian fish supply and the assurance of sustainable fishing that makes us capsize. Our only fish supplier is SQF 2000, Level 3 certified. This certification is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). In addition, En Gros Pierre has also received Ocean Wise Partner certification. In other words, these fishmonger is one of the few Canadian distributors to assure us of its commitment to the establishment and maintenance of an eco-responsible and sustainable fishery.

Hector Larivée

For nearly 80 years and through four generations this fruit and vegetable specialist has been able to base its expertise by following the innovations and development of local products. The Larivée family has also managed to perpetuate its values over the years. Its integrity and transparency gives us the guarantee of quality fruits and vegetables. It is thanks to this that the family business has conquered the chefs and restaurants of Quebec.

Les Fromages CDA

Les Fromages CDA represent more than twenty-five Quebec cheese makers. The goal is to promote every passionate and passionate cheese maker, as well as every Quebec cheese, to showcase provincial expertise. Les Fromages CDA ensure that all Quebecers can enjoy the artisanal wealth of their province. The organization would like to showcase its cheese and craft values, beyond Quebec’s borders.

La Biscuitery

La Biscuitery is a family affair. Founded by siblings in 2015, the main idea was to share the recipes of Grace, their mother. The biscuits offered by the family brand are based on recipes handed down from generation to generation. A touch of modernity is brought while retaining the know-how of yesteryear and the flavors of past travels. All pastries are handmade, in small quantities, with first quality ingredients and above all, with a lot of love.

Mark's Hot Sauce

Behind this unique brand of craft sauces, there is Mark. Mark is a cook who has worked for FoodRelay, he has conquered our team during our daily lunches by offering us every day a new variety of sauces. By noting that it was the fittest and the most delicate, we decided to give our customers the chance to enjoy it as well. Mark’s sauces are made in Montreal and in small quantities to maintain a superior quality product. The variety of recipes offered makes it possible to satisfy the most delicate palates as the most reckless ones.

O de V

At the origin of O de V juice, there are Yves Tremblay and Philippe D’amours. It was after an arthritis crisis in 2013 that Yves started producing cold-pressed fruit juices and antioxidants. At first he did it for him but gradually his entourage and his colleagues were seduced by the surprising flavors and benefits of his juices. The success of the audacious recipes prompted Yves and Philipe to found the brand based on three key elements: waste reduction, reuse and local consumption.


Eco-Logixx offers eco-friendly sanitary products. The goal of the brand is to help businesses maintain clean premises and meet Canadian hygiene standards while reducing their environmental footprint. Eco-Logixx allows us to replace the usual chemicals with biodegradable products. We minimize our ecological footprint on every aspect of our production.