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The FoodRelay Manifesto

A meal is a moment during which a set of food and drinks are consumed at specific times of the day. It is often perceived as a natural act because it meets an essential physiological need.

In fact, from a sociological and anthropological point of view, the meal is not only thought of as a means of satisfaction, but also as a ritualized way of producing and maintaining social bonds through a shared interaction.

It is on this timeless truth that FoodRelay was born.

Like all traditional industries, digital is disrupting the food industry.

Since 2013, the number of investments in foodtech (startups combining food and digital) has doubled year after year. Yet none of the pioneers in this area are considering three important aspects of our relationship with food:

  • We constantly share our meals, with family, with our friends or at work.
  • We give more or less importance to our food choices.
  • We have different tastes and food preferences.

The growth of FoodRelay is the result of three years of research and testing to understand how we share our meals. The need is real and our solution has been able to convince several organizations that promote a meal-sharing culture for their employees.

The key to our concept is based on the understanding of each user, the context in which they share a meal, and the ability to integrate into relationships with existing players.

We work every day to build a world where foodtech is a vector for collaboration, sharing and inclusiveness.

If FoodRelay is making the difference, it’s because we take into account the expectations of each human, regardless of their food restrictions and preferences, over time and in a context of collective sharing.

If our team is pushing the limits of personalization to satisfy each of our users it’s because we are convinced that our mission is incredible: to simplify the relationship between a person who shares a meal and a person who produces food through time, to make each moment a unique experience.

At FoodRelay, we believe that sharing a meal is the building block to creating and maintaining human and social connections.

That’s why humans are at the center of our organization, at all levels.

Gathered around the same vision, we move quickly and our ambition is tremendous.

Welcome to FoodRelay