Bring your company culture to the next level

Find out the benefits of our virtual cafeteria for your bottom line and create a memorable daily experience for your employees.

Increase productivity and collaboration

Preparing lunch at home or finding a suitable option close to the office takes a lot of time and has a huge impact on the happiness and productivity of your employees. Our tool will help your employees stay focused on their goals while enjoying daily meals shared with their peers.

Stand out as an employer of choice

According to a survey conducted by Glassdoor, 4 out of 5 employees prefer better benefits to salary increases. Stand out in the increasingly competitive talent market with a critical social benefit: quick access to a variety of food options right at your job.

Control your budget & your food waste without fixed cost

Our technology allows you to centralize all your food expenses to easily keep an eye on your expenses. Plus, with a small monthly fee per employee, you’ll deliver the same benefits as an internal cafeteria to your employees, without having to deal with operations and food waste.

Put forward accessible and personalized food options for everyone

Take care of your employees with a social benefit that takes into account everyone’s expectations. Each employee will be recommended dishes and food according to his tastes and preferences. Your employees will thank you for proactively taking care of their health and your organization will reap the benefits.

Canadian companies of all sizes benefit from FoodRelay

You are in good company: join these forward-thinking employers making their business healthier, thriving and more productive.