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About FoodRelay

FoodRelay is a fast growing startup on the edge between technology and food. Our goal: allow businesses to offer healthy & personalized meals to their employees and collaborators.

How? Each person can order their own meal on our app up to 10AM, and receive at noon a personalised meal prepared the morning of with fresh ingredients!

We’re a multidisciplinary team composed of entrepreneurs, chefs, developers and designers, all massive foodies and aware of today’s global challenges in the food industry. The work environment is dynamic, stimulating, and everyone is encouraged to constantly get out of their comfort zone, learn new skills and have a big impact on the company’s evolution

About the position

The fullstack developer position is a key role that will have you building new features on our apps from A to Z, from the design of the model and API endpoints on the backend to the integration in the front end with reusable components in React. Our technology supports the orders on the customer end, and also the management of our operations (food production and delivery).

You’ll be responsible in building tools and features for the operations side of our technology, as well as designing and maintaining databases to support it. You will also regularly participate in updating our strategic roadmap following our company’s growth. We’re looking for someone autonomous with excellent vulgarisation and time management skills, who is driven by results. You will work closely with our COO and Kitchen General Manager to identify and solve operational needs, as well as interacting with different stakeholders such as chefs or designers.

We offer a delicious lunch every day, ordered by you through our app. and prepared by our chefs thanks to the tools you’ll be building, as well as breakfasts, snacks, great coffee and happy hours with the team!

About our technology

Our technology is used by more than 2000 users weekly. It’s infrastructure is built in Python (Django, GraphQL). The front end of our app. is built in modern javascript with the React library. We also developed our own design system and library of reusable React components internally which you’ll be able to use and improve. For more information on our stack here.

For more information and to see our complete stack : https://stackshare.io/foodrelay/foodrelay

Your responsibilities

  • Jump right in with working on our current tools (Excel, Airtable) used in different aspects of operations and help bridge the gap between our app and those third party apps
  • Develop new features on the operations app. using best practices of modern software development. This includes planning the work, writing the code with tests and documentation, user testing, training sessions, maintenance
  • Identify operational pain points and implement solutions quickly, as well as planning features for future needs in line with the company’s objectives
  • Communicate advancements and blockers with the rest of the team thanks to version control tools like Git
  • Design new data models, think about their integration with our structure and plan the necessary migrations
  • Perform quality assurance tasks for new features and correct any bugs found
  • Integrate with different backend services and databases
  • Write automated tests in order to locate and fix bugs fast
  • Cooperate with UX/UI designers to insure a good visual cohesion
  • Refactor and maintain the code base on a regular basis to limit technical debt
  • Support strategic decisions by gathering valuable data, identifying trends, establish criterias, build dashboards to visualise data
  • Build data driven forecasting systems to support operations and take personalisation to the next level


  • Computer engineering bachelor’s degree or similar experience
  • 5 years of valuable working experience in software development
  • Experience in data analytics
  • Experience in backend development using Python
  • Knowledge of modern Javascript, HTML and CSS
  • Good knowledge of the best practices in software development
  • Good self-learning, communication and vulgarization skills
  • Experience with the Linux operating system (an advantage)
  • Experience with React, AWS, CI / CD (an advantage)
  • Experience with Twilio and Stripe APIs (an advantage)

Ready to join the team?

Please send us your resume and a letter containing:

  • A little about you and a description of your experiences
  • Why you think you’d be a good fit for this role
  • The answers to the following questions:
    • If you had access to a million dollars, what would you do with it?
    • What’s your favourite dish and why?
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FoodRelay is the best place if you’re looking for

A key position in fast-growing tech startup. A stimulating position that will get you out of your comfort zone and allow you to perfect your skills. An opportunity to work in a creative and motivated team with people from all backgrounds and experiences. An opportunity to change the way we eat together at work

Included at FoodRelay

A free gourmet lunch everyday, prepared by our chefs. Good quality espresso coffee for everyone. A team with varied origins and career paths, monthly 4@7 events. Participating in a team project with the goal of improving employee well-being

A truly inclusive culture

We believe that talent sees no distinction of race, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, pregnancy, marital status, age, political convictions, language, origin, social condition or handicap. We also believe that diversity brings collective enrichment and that developing a culture that values inclusivity and an absence of discrimination is a crucial part of our company responsability. In this context, we are committed to promote integration and diversity and make it a source of pride and growth for all of our employees. Come work with us!