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About FoodRelay

FoodRelay offers a virtual cafeteria service for innovative companies allowing them to configure it according to their needs in a web application. The meals are then selected individually by employees and personalized to their food preferences online. Our FoodRelay kitchens cooks hundreds of lunches everyday in Montreal from local ingredients. Tens of companies ranging from 20 to 400 employees uses this platform every week to make lunch time more fun and inclusive for all their team.

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About the position

The position of CTO is a key role that will allow you to develop the long-term vision of FoodRelay and guide the way we build our product by making informed technological choices. You’ll regularly participate in building the strategic roadmap following the growth of the company in collaboration with other executive members. You’ll be responsible for testing and implementing new tools and technologies in different departments in order to increase productivity, quality and work conditions for the entire team.

We are looking for someone that will complete our tech development team and will be part of it’s 10 first members. We are expecting from you to take initiatives in order to reach goals. We are looking for someone who is passionate about the intersection of food and technology and for whom optimizing operational processes linked to the production of hundreds of meals per day sound like a fun challenge.

About our technology

Our technology is used every week by more than 1000 users weekly. It’s infrastructure was built in Python (Django, Flask). The front end of our apps is built in modern javascript with the React library. We also developed our own design system and library of reusable React components internally which you’ll be able to use and improve.

For more information and to see our complete stack : https://stackshare.io/foodrelay/foodrelay

Your responsibilities

  • Establishing and communicating the technological vision
  • Participating to the elaboration of the strategic roadmap of the company
  • Promoting a culture of excellence, collaboration and curiosity beneath the development team
  • Monitoring and analyzing key technological performance indicators of our systems
  • Talking with other departments in order to better understand their technological needs and research possible solutions to optimize their processes
  • Participate in the teaching and skill development of the dev team
  • Design new data models, think about their integration with the actual structure and plan the necessary migrations
  • Taking the lead in the development of new features and inure good communication of it’s progress with the rest of the team
  • Code new features with clear, efficient and testable code, following the best practices
  • Integrate with different backend services and databases
  • Write and maintain product documentation
  • Refactor and maintain the code base on a regular basis to limit technical debt
  • Insure a continuous technological watch


  • Computer engineering master’s degree or similar experience
  • Successful experience as CTO in a fast-growing company
  • Excellent knowledge of the best practices in software development
  • Experience with the development, architecture, deployment and maintenance of complex web app witnessing heavy traffic
  • Experience with a variety of AWS services and the setup and maintenance of a cloud architecture
  • Experience with Twilio and Stripe APIs (an advantage)
  • Interest in data science (prediction and matching algorithms, data analysis)
  • Good self-learning, communication and vulgarization skills
  • Leadership
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FoodRelay is the best place if you’re looking for

A key position in fast-growing tech startup. A stimulating position that will get you out of your comfort zone and allow you to perfect your skills. An opportunity to work in a creative and motivated team with people from all backgrounds and experiences. An opportunity to change the way we eat together at work

Included at FoodRelay

A free gourmet lunch everyday, prepared by our chefs. Good quality espresso coffee for everyone. A team with varied origins and career paths, monthly 4@7 events. Participating in a team project with the goal of improving employee well-being

A truly inclusive culture

We believe that talent sees no distinction of race, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, pregnancy, marital status, age, political convictions, language, origin, social condition or handicap. We also believe that diversity brings collective enrichment and that developing a culture that values inclusivity and an absence of discrimination is a crucial part of our company responsability. In this context, we are committed to promote integration and diversity and make it a source of pride and growth for all of our employees. Come work with us!