Why Feed Your Team?

7 mai 2019
3 min

You have the idea but you wonder if it will not cost you too much or if it will really be profitable to invest to feed your team? Obviously these questions are legitimate. To answer, we relied on our experience as a company that offers lunches to all its employees on a daily basis but also on some scientific studies.

Here are some factors that will show you that feeding your team is not an expense but an investment:

Improved collaboration

Food is the simplest and most effective way to bring teams together and thus to promote communication! To change the routine of meetings or simply to encourage your teams to share together quality moments there is nothing better than to gather around a good meal. Whether it’s a lunch, a lunch or a cheese platter, your employees will be in the best position to meet and to build relationships.

Valued employees

In the area of inclusive management, feeding your team is a way of showing consideration to it. Offering a lunch is a popular and fun way to value your employees and to thank them. FoodRelay allows you to do this while taking into account their preferences and dietary restrictions, an additional way to include every person on your team.

A strong employer brand

Salary is no longer the main criterion for selecting a company. When we know that millennials attach great importance to factors and criteria of well-being, there is no room for doubts and investing in this direction becomes a necessity.

Offering meals to your employees allows you to nurture a collaborative and caring corporate culture.

Improved employee presence

There is nothing worse than a ghost office … Especially when you want to develop and promote your corporate culture. By encouraging your team to eat well you encourage your employees to take care of themselves and therefore minimize the number of sick leaves and maximize office presence simply because your team will feel good.

Increased productivity

By offering a lunch, you give your employees the opportunity to take a real break. When we know that 20% of Americans eat their lunch time at their desks and that 19% do not have any meal breaks, while many researchers have repeatedly shown that food at work is a key factor in their lives. employee performance.

Minimized turnover

Improving your employer brand also means minimizing the turnover of your employees. To do so, the best solution found to date is simple enough: do everything in your power to make your employees’ lives easier! Take into account their everyday problems and provide them with effective solutions. Between work, outings and children it is not always easy to take the time to prepare a lunch. Give them the best solution, FoodRelay, and your employees will know how to make it happen. Happy employees are employees who stay!

Want to know more about team lunches? Consult our website: http://foodrelay.ca