Transform your workplace into a place of hospitality

28 mai 2019
2 min

Through the development of an inclusive and caring business culture, most companies are looking to improve the hospitableness of their workplace. Before thinking about actions to implement it is important to understand the concept of hospitality.

“Hospitality is the action of receiving at home, of welcoming.” Larousse, 2019.

We try to make our workplaces more welcoming and more “like home”. We want our workplaces to become both places of performance and warmth. To do this, you must implement actions that will make your team feel at home. Here are some elements that can accompany you in this process.

Food available for everyone!

Most people will tell you that when the fridge is empty something isn’t right. The best example of this is home cooking, there is nothing more pleasant than visiting your parents and basking in the smell of our favorite dishes. This partly explains why, to feel good at home, having a full fridge is very important. There is nothing better than being offered a meal. Whether it’s lunch, dinner or a snack there is nothing warmer than indulging.

Unstructured collaborative spaces

The time for meetings that last two hours around a table is over! Transform these meetings into pleasant moments where rigidity will be put aside for the benefit of creativity. Create unstructured spaces by putting collaborative tools at your team’s disposal: white board, digital board, multitude of post-its, diffusion screen, drawing board, etc. This will encourage your team to try new ways of thinking and you will be surprised by the results!

Leisure time

Allow and motivate your team members to do more than “work” in your office. Organize yoga lunches, 5@7, team lunches or dinners. These simple gestures will allow you to associate your offices with moments of happiness and relaxation. This will increase their level of hospitality and make your employees feel a little more at home!

Do you want to transform your office into a more hospitable place? Don’t hesitate to consult our website to find out more about the food solutions that will accompany you in this process: https://foodrelay.ca