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Lunch & Learn : Why and How?

2 juillet 2019
3 min

A Lunch & Learn is a workshop or training session which takes place in an informal setting. The goal is to take advantage of lunchtime and learn new things that will be useful in your team’s professional and personal life in order to increase the performance of each while improving the well-being of all.


Stay up to date

We live in an ever-changing world where it’s becoming more and more difficult to keep up with trends… Lunch & Learn is an effective way to help your team stay up to date because it helps give them an overview of current topics as well as a setting to exchange and debate about these issues so that everyone can bring their own know-how to the table.


Lunch time is ideal for providing transcending knowledge that will help your employees feel better about managing their professional and personal lives. It is a way to give them the opportunity to improve some aspects of their day-to-day life such as time management and work-life balance.

Promote exchanges

The Lunch & Learn also aims to bring together your team and especially people from different departments. In order to foster increased collaboration within a company, it is essential that employees develop links and have the opportunity to discuss varying topics of interest.

To entertain

Yes, it is necessary that your Lunch & Learn is attractive and entertaining because lunch time serves as a break in the work day! So opt for fun themes and fun formats: yoga classes for a “Health & Wellness” theme, team quizzes or creative round tables!

How to make a success of Lunch & Learn?

Choose attractive themes that fit your company’s values

Take advantage of this moment to establish, spread and strengthen your corporate culture. For example, if your company is in the midst of an ecological transition, it would be appropriate to set up a workshop on the subject. On the other hand, on the basis of voluntary participation it seems obvious that if the topic of Lunch & Learn does not interest your collaborators, it is unlikely that a large number will participate. To counter this, let your team choose the subject! Organize a vote on the subject of themes: this is the best way to make your Lunch & Learn a success!

Give the lead to your team

Although it is often advisable to use professional and specially trained professionals for this type of workshop and training, it can be useful to call on volunteers among your collaborators. Indeed, this would give them the opportunity to share their knowledge as well as develop their oratorical and pedagogical skills.

Provide a suitable and comfortable space

Avoid boring meeting rooms at all costs! Take advantage of relaxing spaces in your office and outdoors when the weather is right. It is also important to make everyone feel comfortable. For outdoor spaces, plan throws so your team can settle in comfortably. For indoor spaces, do not hesitate to redesign them briefly to bring a touch of surprise and renewal to your employees.

Offer a quality lunch to your team

This is essential if you want to encourage your team to participate in Lunch & Learn: a healthy and hearty meal will encourage your employees to participate. It is also necessary to anticipate this in advance and to be aware of the dietary restrictions and preferences of everyone: vegetarian or vegan diets, allergies and intolerances must be taken into account to include your entire team.

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