A FoodTech and Virtual Cafeteria’s Introduction

2 avril 2019
2 min

Do we really know what a FoodTech is? How does a virtual cafeteria differ from a FoodTech? It’s been a few years since everyone talks about it, but some amalgam remains …

In this article we will first define the field of FoodTech and the concept of virtual cafeteria.

“The FoodTech is made up of all the entrepreneurs and startups of the food industry who innovate on products, distribution, market or business model.”

According to the Digital FoodLab

More than a buzzword, the FoodTech tend to constitute the new standard of the food industry. At FoodRelay we believe that it’s by aiming to respond to current issues through the development of new technologies that these young companies are able to compete with the giants of the food service industry. All FoodTech respond to a specific social’s problems.

To develop a FoodTech is to raise technology in the service of our values.

At FoodRelay thanks to our calendar and our innovative production system we have developed a virtual cafeteria system. A virtual cafeteria is a concept dematerializing the traditional corporate cafeteria. It consists of a technology service that provides the opportunity for companies to feed their employees through a daily meal control solution using an application developed specifically for this type of need.

Companies have the possibility to finance (entirely or partially) the meals of their employees. Our virtual cafeteria is therefore an integral part of the field of FoodTech thanks to our predictive technology. In addition to this, we offer solutions to the problems of :

  • Food waste
  • Overproduction
  • Waste management
  • Professional’s well-being
  • Hyper-personalization’s phenomenon

We are not only investing in a smart tool that simplifies the management of all corporate catering orders, but also in everyone’s future. We offer a solution that allows as many people as possible to improve the way they consume.