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Feeding Tracktik's company culture

5 août 2019
1 min

About Tracktik

TrackTik is a security workforce management software based in Montreal that allows you to view, analyze and control your entire security operations in one place. Founded in 2013 the company is growing fast and has double in team size in the last year. Tracktik’s company culture is based on the successful combination of performance and well-being.

Discover more about Tracktik’s culture and people through this video.

FoodRelay at Tracktik

TrackTik is using FoodRelay for more than a year for weekly team lunches, monthly brunches and business meetings. The service is now a ritual for employees. It’s a good occasion for the company to meet once a week in their brand new cafeteria, discuss new projects and share strategic information to the entire team. Moreover, they order lunches for meetings where they can let guest select food according to their food preferences and diets, this allows them to welcome their guests in the best possible way.

4 958

That’s the number of personalized meals ordered since onboarding!


Thanks to the personalized group order the estimation of the food waste avoided is between 800kg and 900kg!


1 out of 5 TrackTik team members have specific dietary restrictions and we respond to all of these restrictions!


“We use their services for our company and we really appreciate their lunch offer and choices. It’s always fresh and healthy, I truly recommend them for your next orders!” - Virginie, Office Manager

“Thanks for everything, our guests from the US said it was the best “boxed” lunch they have had.” - Brian, Senior Director of Partnerships

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