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4 ways to personalize your employee management

5 juin 2019
2 min

Giving an employee a sense of differentiation in a society where standardization is king is a challenge for many businesses. We are no longer simply employers; we now want to be a player in the happiness and fulfillment of our employees.

Here are 4 ways to reach your goal:

1. Take an interest in your employees and collect data.

Collect and analyze the data of your employees: age, family situation, passion, hobbies, rhythm of life, etc. Seeking to know them better in every aspect of their lives will enable you to understand them better and to offer them adapted and personalized working conditions.

2. Install a flexible management system.

According to your data collection, the ideal would be to increase the forms of management. More than employees, your collaborators are all different from each other: some are more efficient by telecommuting while others are more productive at the office, some need to feel framed while others need a lot of autonomy. Offering a flexible and easily adaptable management system will allow you to meet the needs of as many people as possible.

3. Offer an inclusive employee experience.

The inclusive experience can exceed the expectations of your employees. It is not a question of satisfying them on a specific need but of being useful to them beyond the original need. More than a monetary comfort you must bring them psychological comfort: consider them as individuals, be attentive and thank them for the value they bring to the company.

4. Interact with your employees.

Interacting with your employees will allow you, in addition to building relationships, to gather more relevant information. To do this several techniques exist whether it’s face to face, through social media or through events for example.

5.Take measurements!

To verify the effectiveness of the actions implemented, do not hesitate to take metrics! We explain everything here.

FoodRelay is a simple and effective way to bring this type of comfort to all your employees.

In addition to allowing you to adapt to the new expectations of employees, these four points will allow you to build added value that will help you stand out as an employer.