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4 ways to measure your employee’s well-being

9 avril 2019
2 min

Improving the well-being of its employees is an integral part of today’s management methods.

For a long time, “well-being” was only related to physical characteristics such as infrastructure temperature or brightness level. Today the management of well-being goes well beyond that and relates to the sense of accomplishment of employees as well as their happiness.

Unlike the old characteristics attributed to well-being, happiness and sense of accomplishment are very difficult to quantify which puts a barrier to the well-being of employees. Here are 4 alternatives which will allow you to measure the well-being of your employees.

1. Ask them!

It may sound obvious but few employers actually ask their employees to tell them how they feel. Do not hesitate to schedule regular meetings to learn about their daily lives, what motivates them and especially what could improve their working conditions.

2. Hiring percentage

Hiring new talent is a real challenge for most of Montreal’s businesses. In a market where there are far fewer candidates than offers, a high hiring percentage is a good indicator of the level of well-being of your employees. However, this point is significant only when your turn-over rate is low.

3. Turn-over rate

The volatility of employees is a major factor of loss of income for businesses. This is often due to a low level of employee well-being. The analysis of your turn-over rate is one of the most important points to consider when analyzing the well-being of your employees.

4. Absenteeism

In Canada, in 2018, the average number of days of work lost per employee was 10 and this amounted to an average of 11.1 days per employee for the Montréal region. To determine the level of well-being of your employees, you can rely on this number and constantly try to minimize employee absenteeism.

Improvement of well-being at work is one of FoodRelay’s central concerns. We are able to help with your employee’s wellbeing through a technological and gourmet solution.