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Healthy meals delivered daily

Our app allows your team members to select their lunches according to their food preferences and dietary restrictions. It's the ideal corporate solution to make sure your whole team is satisfied all while improving your company's mood.


Take care of your guests

The best way to make sure your guests are satisfied is to let them choose their own meals! All it takes is a simple invite and they will be delighted in just a few clicks.


Looking for a little afternoon pick me up?

Keep your team happy all day long with our diverse selection of healthy snacks.


Working overtime?

Offer the comfort of a homemade meal after hours too.


Another reason to celebrate?

Our chefs are here to make sure you always have the best food on hand for your special events such as: cocktails, conferences, product launches and any other special celebrations. Our adapted menus for any context will ensure that your events are an even bigger success.


Why choose FoodRelay?

Hand made every day in Montreal

Our meals are prepared with fresh ingredients by a team of qualified food service professionals every single day.

A new menu every week

Over 100 different dishes which change according to the season.

Reduce food waste

With our individual and personalized meals, you'll always order the right amount of food. Most of our packaging is also compostable.

Feed your company culture with FoodRelay

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